10 Best-Selling Waffle Makers for Making Tasty Delicacies

The crunchy exterior with the tender, chewy middle makes waffles one of the most favourite breakfast choices out there. Waffles are prepared in such a manner that the surface receives a form of a signature shape. They are enjoyed in multiple parts across the globe, although they are variations in recipes and toppings used. They are most closely linked with Belgium type, but there are also several local variations that you can try to bake. Looking for a new and reliable waffle maker? Here are the list of 10 best-selling waffle makers in Malaysia today. (2023 Update)

1. Milestone Mini Waffle Maker

This tiny and portable 5-inch waffle maker is very easy to use and ideal for those who usually don’t make that much waffles.

2. Russell Taylors Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker

This small waffle maker has an LED indicator to let the users know when is the right time to put in the batter. Also, the non-stick pan will guarantee that the waffle can be removed without leaving any pieces behind. It comes with a child-lock safety feature to prevent your child from opening it while it’s still cooking.

3. Russell Taylors 3-in-1 Waffle/Sandwich/Donut Maker CM-84

Another waffle maker from Russell Taylors—but larger and comes with extra trays for you to make this make sandwiches and donuts. It has a heat-resistant stainless steel case, lid with closure, anti-slip feet and heat-proof handle so you can handle it safely.

4. Kenwood Sandwich/Waffle Maker 3-in-1 SMP84

Apart from being able to make sweet snacks such as waffles and pancakes, the Kenwood sandwich maker can also be used to prepare grilled foods and other meals or savoury snacks such as omelettes and karipaps.

5. Square-Shaped Pan Waffle Maker (Non-Electric)

Looking for a manual waffle maker where you can cook waffles using only a gas stove? Use this pan instead. This sturdy and durable pan is mostly made of aluminum alloy and food-grade material. It is also non-stick and easy to clean.

6. Cornell CSM-E1103WH Snack Maker

This waffle maker from Cornell comes with 3 exchangeable trays (waffle/grill/sandwich). Some of the features include: cool-touch handle, non-stick coating, and cord wrap for hassle-free cord storage.

7. 5-in-1 Electric Sandwich/Waffle Maker

With this sandwich/waffle maker, you don’t have to limit your baking skills. It comes with not the typical 3, but 5 trays to make these popular snacks: sandwich, waffle, octopus, donut and eggettes.

8. Trio Egg Waffle Maker TEW-230

Small and simple looking waffle maker, but it gets the job done. Some of the features include: non-stick coating plate, cool-touch housing and non-skid feet.

9. Breville the No-mess Waffle Makers BWM520

A relatively sophisticated looking waffle maker from Breville. Some of the features of this elegant product include: 7 darkness settings that allows you to customize your waffle colour (light to dark), thermally engineered heating elements to ensure even heat distribution and premium PFOA-free non-stick to prevent waffles from sticking.

10. CUISINART Vertical Waffle Maker WAF-V100HK

Make great Belgian waffles with this stainless steel vertical waffle maker from Cuisinart. Some of the features of this high-quality product include: indicator lights (with audible alert) and five browning levels to ensure a perfectly baked waffle.

What To Look For In A Waffle Maker

Waffle makers vary broadly in terms of looks and attributes in addition to the type, quality and amount of waffles they yield! From XL fluffy French waffles to thin and crunchy old-school waffles, here are the features you should check before buying a particular waffle maker.

Waffle maker type

One of the most fundamental features to examine when picking a waffle maker is the type of waffles it can produce and which one you prefer—think of XL Belgian-style waffles to crunchy old-school or cute kiddy forms e.g. stars or animals, there is a waffle maker for every type of waffle you wish to make.

How many waffles to make

Waffle makers usually yield anywhere from 1 to 4 waffles at each cooking session. Therefore, it’s important to examine how many people will you serve your waffles and pick a type that suits your preferences and household size. Waffles typically freeze impressively nicely, and thus, it would be wise to prepare extra waffles for busy times e.g., early mornings just before you head to work. Also, check how fast each waffle maker functions and how long it needs to cook each batch of waffles.

How easy it is to clean

Any device that makes cleaning extra tough will make you less likely to want to use it on a regular basis. In all cases, you need to invest in makers with stick-proof materials, which remarkably decrease the effort you need to cook waffles, making them nice and solid with less grease, and cleaning the mess afterward.

Speed of cooking

Waffle makers also differ broadly based on how fast they heat up and cook each batch of waffles. Some types may need a decent amount of reheating periods between each batch, while others enable consistent cooking. Examine the number of waffles you’ll be cooking each time and the speed of cooking you need to spare to cook them before you complete your waffle maker purchase. In most cases, if you’ll be making waffles for many people at once, e.g. for a party or large gathering, you’ll want to invest in a maker that yields many waffles each time, or one that heats us quickly and consistently makes thin waffles.

Visual indicators

Look for a waffle maker that features indicators of light or sounds that tell you when the appliance is heated enough to start making the waffles when it’s prepared to make another batch, and of course, when your waffles are finished. You may find that you’ll get involved with other cooking jobs when cooking the waffles in many cases. As a general rule, it would be wise to check the steam production. Once you notice that no steam comes out anymore, this indicates that the batter is almost completely cooked.

Easy to adjust and produces even browning

Of course, each of us has their preferences when it comes to the level of crunchiness that we seek in the perfect waffle. Look out for a type that you can easily understand, use and make the necessary settings to personalize the browning of each cooking batch. It would also be wise to get a waffle maker without any hot spots for messy or ununiform browning or undercooked spots.

Easy to store

Due to the fact that a waffle maker is a single cooking unit that you won’t likely need to use daily, it’s best to find a model that fits your storage room and requirements. Many models have extra cord winders or integrated cord storage units to prevent any tangling. Other models come with locking systems and features that easily and safely tuck them away horizontally or vertically. Some flip types may occupy extra spaces and may have to be stored inside their original package. Regardless of the size you pick, always consider the size of your storage space to make sure that your purchased model will fit in.

FAQs About Making a Waffle

The process of making them is fairly easy as long as you have the right maker, aka a waffle iron or presser. Here are the FAQs regarding waffle makers:

How can you stop the waffle from adhering to the grid?

The ideal temperature and heating levels are the solutions to prevent waffles from sticking onto the grid and burning. This also depends on how thick your batter is and you need to ensure that you add the necessary amount of grease, e.g oil or butter to the waffle batter before pouring them in. This will help them to get picked easier once they are fully cooked. Another piece of advice is to stay away from using any sharp utensils like knives and forks to pick them up to avoid ruining the surface of the griddle and make its surface stickier.

How much batter can I add to the waffle maker?

This varies according to the model you’ll purchase. Furthermore, all waffle maker models come with a practical guide that includes the right amount of batter needed to cook a nice waffle in that specific model. Another thing to consider is the recipe instructions and the time of leavening the batter has been subject to.

How much time do I need to bake a single waffle?

This varied according to the grid’s structure and material, but in most cases, it takes 3 to 6 minutes to make a single waffle.

What’s the key difference between a ceramic layered waffle plate and a non-stick one?

Most waffle plates are constructed using Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) material. While Teflon has solid non-sticking capabilities that prevent the waffle batter from sticking to the plate, some may want to avoid it as it is linked to specific health issues.

Ceramic coated plates, on the contrary, are healthier and more lasting choices. They are also made of natural materials instead of man-made chemicals. They also won’t peel off easily compared to other non-stick choices, even if you use them frequently. The only downside is their higher cost compared to Teflon ones.

What’s the main difference between a traditional and a Belgian waffle maker?

Belgian waffles, unlike traditional waffles, have thicker and bulkier squares. The deep iron forms make deep marks that host more toppings and syrups. Belgian waffle makers also produce a crunchier exterior while leaving the core inside tender and chewy.

How can I check if the waffle is properly cooked?

Most waffle makers come with a timer or sign that indicates when a waffle is done. However, if your model does not have such a sign, check the instruction manual to gauge the exact time your waffle maker will need to cook one waffle. Another manual way to check if your waffles are cooked is when you don’t notice any steam released from the machine.

Can I wash my waffle maker by hand, or can I use a dishwasher?

If your model has a detachable tray, you can either wash it by hand or use a dishwasher (as long as the material is dishwasher compatible). Otherwise, you can simply clean up the mess with a wet sponge or kitchen paper.

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