10 Top Selling King Size Bed Frames

You can find a wide variety of king size bed frames, including simple-looking frames and colourful decorative bed frames. You can add style and function, both, to your bedroom with king size bed frames. If you want to achieve the utmost level of comfort for sleeping, then get yourself an ideal bed frame. Here are 10 best-selling king size bed frames in Malaysia. (2023 Update)

1. Divan King Size Bed Frame

  • Height: 8” Inches
  • Material: PVC

2. 3V CS960F Powder Coat Metal Bed Frame – King Size

A powder coat metal bed frame that can be easily assembled in minutes – no tools required. It has a durable construction with extra leg support.

3. Best ADAM Fabric King Size Bed Frame with Pulley Drawer

Featuring contemporary looks combined with a large end opening drawer—ideal for storing all those occasional stuff. Looking for a simple yet elegant bed frame design? This could be the perfect one for you.

4. JSH D180 King Size Double Bed Frame

This easy to assemble bed frame is 100% made in Malaysia. The build is based on an improved epoxy anti-rust material. It is suitable to be used on landed and condo house.

5. Miracle Dream’s Classic Bed Frame 6” Feet

This bed frame from Miracle Dream comes with:

  • 1 x unit Headboard (6 Feet) King Size
  • 2 x units 8″ Divan (AB Parts) (8″ Height)
  • Colour: Brown
  • Materials: Fabric and Wood

6. Divan Bed Frame FP508

This Divan bed frame is made with imported soft and high-grade sofa upholstery fabric. Specifications are as below:

  • Divan Base: 5 Inches + 2 inches legs
  • King Size: L1900mm X W1830mm

7. Mocha Swiss Foundation Divan

This modern looking bed frame is made with imported soft and premium leather from Turkey. King size bed frame dimensions are 1900mm (Length) x 1830mm (Width).

8. Rimau – Modern Bed Frame

A blue coloured divan bed frame plus headboard from Palace & Stable brand.

9. Lumut – Modern Bed Frame

An oddly named (Lumut is ‘moss’ in English) modern bed frame with elegant design from Palace & Stable. Available in two colours: Grey and Caramel.

10. KM 3V Single Metal Bed Frame

A very simple bed frame that uses powder coat surface finishing and can be assembled in mere minutes. It has a robust construction with extra leg support.

What are king size bed frames?

The standard size of king size bed frames is 76” x 80”. However, there are king size bed frames that are available in smaller or bigger sizes than the average dimensions, mainly because different brands use different measurements. These bed frames are preferable by most people as with large bed frames people can roll around easily and sleep with comfort. Large size bed frames are suitable for people who sleep with a partner because there is enough space to roll without causing a disturbance for your partner.

Choosing the material of bed frame is also extremely important. You can find several options in the market, including steel, wool, carbon frames, etc. These are the options from which you can choose a bed frame but keep in mind while choosing which material is durable and has good strength. For example, if you decide to get a wooden bed frame, it is more costly, has a lot of weight and require regular maintenance. On the other hand, if you go for the steel frame, it is durable, weighs less and require low maintenance.

Types of king size bed frames

If you own a king size bed, then you must know that there are many different types of king size bed frames, from which you can choose a frame that suits you best. We have discussed some popular types of bed frames below. Some of these types will go with the décor of your house and bedroom, while some will be in contrast, in case you want a slightly different look. Nonetheless, which frame you choose, all of them are going to blend well with your home décor.

Metal Frames

If you prefer durability over aesthetics, then metal frames are the best choice for you. Metal frames can be found in trendy and stylish models as compared to other more conventional materials. You can choose from a wide range of metal materials, like, aluminium, brass, wrought iron, brushed steel, etc.

Upholstered Frames

If you are looking for the best comfort, then go for upholstered frames. Although softer and more fluffy ones cost a bit more, the basic designs can actually provide decent comfort too. If you want comfort and luxury, upholstered bed frames are the best as they provide good value for money. They are also very stylish and can be easily blended with the décor of your home and bedroom. Upholstered frames are also available in different materials such as vinyl, velvet, leather, spanning linen, faux leather and fabric. You can easily lean against the headboard and use it as a backrest as well. The final finish also has different options such as using stitches, buttons or prints.


Wood is the most common type of bed frames that most people opt for. That is mainly because wooden bed frames are sturdy and durable as compared to other types. Furthermore, wood frames are not just durable but also very affordable for users. For wood frames, there are also appealing and attractive designs that add to the décor of your bedroom. So, it is durable, affordable and appealing-design, all at the same time. Wood bed frames also have different types including slat, sleigh and panel models. Wood frames are also known for creating an inviting atmosphere in the house.

Useful Tips for Shoppers

Size of mattress: Always check the size of the mattress, especially if you are planning to order it online, and then compare it with the size of your bed frame. Make sure that you check size either in inches or any other parameter, do not use terms like queen size or king size, always measure the length of the frame. Brands use different sizes under different names.

Storage space: For people who live in small houses or apartments, get a bed frame which has enough space underneath the bed. In order to increase space, you can also get bed risers, which make your bed rise from the ground to make room for more space.

Aesthetics: In order to make a bold fashion statement, you might want to check the multiple styles of frames in the market. You can find a wide range of designs in the market from French-style frame to sleigh beds to vintage four-leg poster bed.

Choose one with the best reviews: Always check reviews before making a final purchase. Also, make sure that these reviews are from authentic users for the bed frames that you’re considering. It is going to help you a great deal in deciding the best bed frame available in the market.

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