11 Top Indoor Home Security Cameras

Home security is extremely important, no matter where you reside. There is always a risk of theft or home invasions, whether you are home, or you are travelling; and the risk increases especially if you travel more than a couple of days. There’s no way you want your stuff to be destroyed, stolen or both while you’re travelling.

Fortunately, now we have many technological solutions for these issues, such as home security camera. With time, there have been numerous improvements and additions in the features of the home cameras. Home cameras can be used for several purposes; you can use them to keep a check on your kids if they’re home alone, watch your pets while you’re out and also use it as a baby monitor for your infants.

Here are 11 best-selling indoor security cameras in Malaysia. (2023 Update)

1. FHD Wi-Fi CCTV IP Camera

Product Highlights:

  • The high-tech optic lens provides sharper details and produces clear visual quality. This camera has a wide viewing angle along with a digital zoom function for complete coverage of your home.
  • You can enable the ‘All-Day’ recording with the Cloud/SD card storage in the camera. With night vision, you can see a clear visual even in the dark.
  • Equipped with a motion detector that instantly alerts you through ‘App Alert’. You can now continuously monitor what’s happening inside your house.
  • Supports 2.4G Wi-Fi network. Account can be shared with people you know and trust.
  • Offers remote viewing function and audio recorder.

2. Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to set up and operate – There are only 3 steps to operate this surveillance camera through 2.4G Wi-Fi that connects to your smartphone or any other mobile devices you may have.
  • Mi Indoor CCTV has a full HD (1080p) video capability and crystal clear audio.
  • There are a built-in microphone and speaker for communication.
  • An advanced motion and sound detector will alert you via a smartphone app in real-time.
  • One account can connect to multiple devices at the same time. The camera can store the recordings on an SD card or NAS.

3. Xiaomi Mi Mijia Smart Camera

Product Highlights:

  • The Xiaomi Mi Mijia Smart Camera provides an incredibly smooth Full HD video and has a 130° ultra-wide-angle lens reduces dead zones.
  • Supports 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi for a reliable and secure connection.
  • Equipped with 8 x 940nm infrared lights to make it night-vision ready.
  • There is an intelligent motion detector, as well as two-way voice communication.

4. Xiaomi Hualai Xiaofang Cam

Product Highlights:

  • This lightweight device has two IP cameras in one body – enabling multiple viewing angles or panorama.
  • Just like human eyes, the dual chipset used on the Xiaofang camera will capture even more detail.
  • Offers a quad screen mode where you can view all four real-time surveillance screens simultaneously on your smartphone.
  • The camera has a two-way voice and real-time intercom.

5. BuzzTech Minion Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera

Product Highlights:

  • Featuring a 2MP camera lens, this wireless security camera delivers clearer HD images than those of 720P. The 1080P Wi-Fi surveillance camera gives you a clear view of what’s going on in your house.
  • This home IP camera can look after your home anytime and send real-time alert notifications to your smartphone when motion or sound is detected.
  • Are you concerned about the camera not being able to see at night? This smart indoor camera can automatically work based on light changes. You can even set it yourself using an App.

6. Yi Home Camera 1080P With Night Vision

Product Highlights:

  • Now you can say goodbye to fuzzy and terrible video quality. The YI 1080p Home Camera offers high-res footage so that you’ll never miss any important detail again.
  • The camera has an advanced AI-powered motion detector that features the latest built-in sensors to achieve better detection accuracy.
  • Even in low light conditions, the camera offers clear and bright footage, with the help of 8 individual 940Nm infrared LEDs.

7. V380 IP Wi-Fi Smart Home Wireless Surveillance Camera

Product Highlights:

  • With 1080P recording capability, and 355° horizontal and 110° vertically rotation – this dashcam should be enough to cover every corner of your home. There's a zoom function as well.
  • Features built-in speaker and microphone in the IP camera so you could interact with your family members anywhere.
  • The camera has an intelligent motion alerts feature – and if enabled, it will send alerts/snapshots to your phone.

8. D-Link DCS-930L Wireless N Home Network Camera

Product Description:

The Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-930L) is an ideal surveillance solution for your home or office. The camera is able to connect to a network via Wireless N, which means you can practically place it anywhere within your house. Plus, the camera even has reliable motion detection. Whenever there’s a motion detected, the camera will send email notifications along with the snapshots. No specialized hardware or software required since the surveillance camera is a standalone type.

9. Robot WIFI Camera

Product Highlights:

  • The adorable space robot appearance can be both home decoration and home surveillance.
  • Featuring high-quality built-in microphone and speaker, just press the intercom button on the mobile app, and you can communicate with your family members. The camera will also send alert notifications (including snapshots of the event) to your smartphone whenever something or someone triggered the motion detection.
  • Supports popular operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows OS.

10. Mini DV Portable Camera With Night Vision

Product Highlights:

  • A versatile little camera that can be used on your car, racing drone, dashcam, home and office.
  • This super lightweight camera comes with 2 stands, clips, USB and composite output cable and instruction manual.
  • Can record around 30 to 100 minutes of video and take 2-3 hours to fully charged.

11. FHD CCTV Home Security Wireless Surveillance

Product Highlights:

  • Comes with a wide rotating angle (355° horizontally and 90° vertically); you can control the movement no matter where you are using a mobile app.
  • Has two-way audio (built-in high fidelity speaker), you can talk through the device anywhere. The camera can also identify the direction of target motion within its visual range.
  • Capable to record even at low-light condition, thanks to its IR-CUT (Infrared cut-off) dual filter.

Types of Security Camera

There is a wide range of security cameras; let’s take a look at each type and understand the difference, so it helps you choose.

1.       Indoor Security Cameras

Security cameras offer a wider range of view as compared to a regular camera, however, offered by topmost security providers, the ‘dome cameras’ take this to the next level. These cameras give a great 360-degree view with just a single camera. On the other hand, a ‘fixed-lens’ camera allows you to focus on just one specific area. These types of cameras are suitable for places or areas that are very important.

2.       Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor cameras are better equipped to resist harsh weathers and are more durable. These cameras provide a wider range of views to capture the exterior area of premises and also accommodate all sorts of outdoor lights. The indoor security cameras offer many features including infrared night vision, remote pan and tilt control, motion detection and wireless connectivity; you can provide this same level of protection to our exterior area, yards and lawns.

3.       Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Cameras come handy when a camera cannot be hardwired at any place; it is also crucial for people who need video surveillance for a wireless system. Wireless security cameras are offered by many top security providers. Even in a wireless security system, you can find all types, including outdoor, indoor, motion-sensing, fixed, etc.

Key Features of Security Cameras

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a key feature in security cameras nowadays. It allows you to detect motion in the range of its view and send a notification. With these notifications, you can observe a situation and be on alert for any suspicious activities. 

Cameras with motion detection are most suitable for people who are worried about people breaking into their homes, or they want to keep the deliveries safe.

Night Vision

Night vision cameras allow you to record videos or images during night time when there is low to no light. Best for people who want to capture activities during night time.

Be mindful of the current light situation in the areas where you these security cameras to be installed. Search for the range of night vision of each camera and decide on the area you’re willing to cover. Also, make sure you do not use an indoor camera to capture the outside area because indoor cameras cannot capture images or videos through a window and after dark.

Area of View

Area or field of view means the width of an angle a camera can capture. This is considered to be the most important feature as it helps you decide where to place the camera and how many cameras you should get.


Some cameras offer a sound option as well, or two-way talk option. It means you can receive sound from the camera via a microphone, speaker or both. For example, if you want to talk to your kids or the delivery person, you need the sound feature in the camera.

Cameras with the sound feature can also be used as an intercom. So, cameras with two-way communication feature have a mic installed, which picks up sound from the surrounding area, plus it has a speaker that allows you to talk with other people.

Wi-Fi Capability

Cameras with Wi-Fi feature can be connected with your wireless home network, also easy to install. Moreover, these cameras are more tamper-proof as they are wireless.

However, cameras with Wi-Fi can eat up a lot of data space on your home network as these cameras stream videos and send texts and emails as well.

Bandwidth used by the camera is dependent on numerous factors. For example, image resolution and also whether the camera records only sound and motions or just everything in sight.

Quality of Image

Quality of image is essential as it determines how clear is the footage of your home security. Quality of image can be defined by the resolution of cameras.

Standard resolution for cameras should be at least 720p. However, some home security cameras also offer better resolution. Some cameras offer very poor image quality and low resolution – and you should not think about getting such cameras. Our recommendation is to go for 1080p if possible, otherwise stick to 720p if you have a limited budget.

Smart Home Integration

These days, home security cameras a more than just recording videos. Lately, security cameras are designed in a way to convert your home into smart home. Security cameras can easily be integrated with smart home hub just like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

This is beneficial for your home security as it controls lights, security cameras and even door lock of your home. Also, these cameras can increase the security measures while you’re out or on holidays.

If you prefer automating your home, then these cameras will be best for you.

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