9 Best Kitchen Sets for Kids

Seeing their moms doing the chores in the kitchen always grabs children’s attention. And apparently, those colourful kitchen tools are somewhat attractive to them. However, it is impractical (and not to mention dangerous) to allow them to play with the real kitchen tools. So, why not provide them with a suitable yet safer alternative – such as kitchen set made for kids? Parents should allow them to nourish their imaginative side by letting them play with spoons, dishes, artificial fruits/vegetables, and cooking pans. This will enable them to explore new things and being creative at the same time.

Here are our top 9 recommendations if you’re looking for a kitchen set that will appeal to your children. (2023 Update)

1. 103 CM Large Wooden Kitchen Playset for Kids

Product Description:

Suitable for children ages 3 and above. This kitchen set has plenty of storage and the sink is removable for easy clean-up. The set uses non-toxic paint and sturdy MDF and solid wood construction. An assembly instruction book with step-by-step pictures is provided. Self-assembly required.

Full Set Kitchen includes:

  • 1 x Frying Pan
  • 1 x Cooking Pot
  • 3 x Cooking Spoons
  • 1 x Telephone Holder
  • 1 x Plastic Glass

2. Big Wooden Kitchen Play Set With Full Set Of Utensils

Product Description:

Setting up kitchen corner for your kids at home? Your kids will fall in love with this sweet-looking kitchen set. Guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours!

Safe and durable: This kitchen set is durable and can be enjoyed by your little chef for many years. Made of engineered wood and BPA Free plastic, it satisfies international toy safety standards and is made of non-toxic paint and varnish.

Educational Toys: Provides a wonderful opportunity to learn the cooking process, as well as a way to stimulate your child’s mind. Let them figure out the concept of making food.

Easy to clean: This kitchen set has a locker to keep the accessories in place.

3. Kid’s Big Wooden Kitchen Play Set Toy

Product Description:

A brilliant way to let your child to have hours of fun and laughs – as well as peace of mind for parents in need of FREE time. Microwave has a look through “window”. Also comes with an Oven, in set sink and cooking stove with assorted accessories, similar to today’s kitchen appliance standards. The kitchen toy set is made of solid basswood and pine, durable, non-toxic and safe for children to play.

4. 85 Cm Wooden Kitchen Playset for Kids

Product Description:

Compact and stylish kids kitchen set, suitable for children ages 3 years and above. Made from the solid , sturdy and high-quality wooden materials (Pinewood, MDF). Require self-assembly, step-by-step instructions included. Available colours are white and pink. Overall dimension: 60L × 30W × 85 H cm

5. HDY Simulation Big Kitchen Playset

Product Features:

This kitchen set has light and sound effects (batteries are required and limited to 98cm, 72cm and 62cm kitchen set), making it more appealing to the children in terms of entertainment. The door of the microwave and refrigerator can be opened and used as storage box – let the children keep their toys inside. Recommended age: 2 years and above.

6. BIG Size Kitchen Play Set with Music and Sprays Mist

Product Features:

The stove is able to spray water and fog. There are lighting and sound effects to simulate realistic cooking scene (requires 8 x AA batteries). Kids can have fun with music box that plays cheerful music. There is also a water tap for the children to wash the dishes. Useful storage space to teach the children to keep the accessories tidy on their kitchen play set. Suitable age: 3 years old and above.

7. 93CM HABY Premium Kids Kitchen Set

Product Features:

  • Comes with an egg steamer that rotates with sounds.
  • Simulated smoke effect.
  • Simulated water-tap.
  • Writing board for listing “today’s menu”.

8. Children’s Intelligent Kitchen Toy

Product Description:

This toy kitchen set contains many accessories, basically everything that a child needs. Accessories include dishes, cooking utensils, play pan and pot, vegetable and so on. Kids can clean vegetable in the water sink and then put the pot and pan on the stove. The stove top burner will light up and makes realistic cooking sounds. It also encourages your child to keep her kitchen accessories organised by storing them in storage space. Quality and child-friendly: ABS material, smooth edge without burrs, odour-free.

9. Chef Kitchen Play Set with Lights, Sounds Effects & Accessories

Product Description:

This kitchen set is perfect for your child’s first kitchen. A complete set includes a variety of accessories such as play cutlery, play food and various play kitchen appliances. It also has a proper water function where you can place water in the sink to create a realistic dish washing experience! Also, there are light and sound functions that your child will love. The kitchen set requires self-assembly, however a simple installation instructions are provided in the package. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

A kitchen playset is an excellent toy in which you may engage a child’s imagination in a safe, fun, and entertaining way. There are a few aspects to keep in mind when shopping for a kitchen set, and we have compiled a few here for your consideration.

What Features are Most Fun?

Kitchen sets come in a variety of colours, materials and themes, offering different accessories and durability factors. If you are unable to purchase a set made out of wood, plastic can be another viable option as long as it’s kept out of direct sun (which causes brittleness). In order to ensure a safe playing experience, shop for a plastic set that is made with BPA-free materials.

Most of the more affordable options do not provide cooking and baking accessories. Generally, these sets are comprised of a refrigerator, range and cabinet. If you purchase a lower end kit, you will need to plan on investing in accessories such as play food, pots and pans, plates and silverware. However, it’s important to note that more expensive kits often provide most of those accessories for the best experience right out of the box.

Size is another key factor when considering which kitchen set you’d like to purchase. You should consider the size of your child, as well as how long you’d like them to be able to enjoy it. For example, in the event that you purchase a shorter play set, you will need to upgrade later on down the road as your child grows. Additionally, the overall footprint may play an important role, depending on the size of your home and where you plan on putting your set.

Special Considerations

Durability is a vital aspect, as some high-quality play kitchens carry a hefty price tag. However, if you are wise about this investment, and choose a set made out of quality materials (in a manageable size), it’s something that can last for years and years – maybe even pass down to additional children.

Safety is another concern, especially since this set is designed for children. Search for a set that is made out of wood, or BPA-free plastic, and decorated with non-toxic child safe paint. Additionally, ensure the accessories that are provided (or purchased later), are the appropriate size for the age of your child – in order to avoid potential choking hazards.

Location is key with just about everything. Because most families place a kitchen set inside a bedroom or child’s playroom, they won’t require much cleaning other than a wipe down. Alternatively, because some parents choose to set the kit outside where it is exposed to the elements, it requires more work. In the event you decide to put it outdoors, keep in mind the maintenance and cleaning that may accompany that placement. Dogs, cats, birds, and even raccoons may decide sit and play on it, leaving behind bacteria that requires a deep cleaning. This is another reason the type of material you choose plays a vital role in the set’s overall longevity.

How to Pick

What will your child enjoy the most? Are they interested in cooking a variety of food, excited about stocking a refrigerator, or interested in decorating a counter top? Pick a set best suited to your own child’s personality and tastes, so they may remain as engaged as possible, once you make this purchase. Something as simple as a wide variety of food options seems to be more important to some kids, than others.

Kitchen sets are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Some sets are designed to sit flat against a wall, while others create a corner in order to shorten the length, providing more appliances to enjoy. A few styles provide fewer appliances, while more complex kits include dishwashers, or even microwaves.

Coloration may be an important factor for your child, especially if they favour one colour in particular. For girls, there are plenty of kitchen sets available in pink or purple themes, as well as blue for boys. There are also more generic colour combinations to choose from, depending on where you look.

Overall, you should either choose a play kitchen set that your child will appreciate, or allow them to help you make a decision. Some kids may enjoy more of a simple setup than an elaborate one, whereas others may make a choice based solely on colour and accessories.

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