7 Top-Selling Beyblade Stadiums

Takara Tomy was the first to create Beyblades—the spinning toy with high performance back in 2000. Two players are required to play this game to spin Beyblades inside a Beystadium. Both players involved can choose only three Beyblades while playing. Although, during the match, each player can play with just one Beyblade at a time. Each top has different features, which makes it stand out from others. Also, they have different colours and designs so that players can differentiate between them. Beyblades are very popular among kids age eight and above because they are inspired by popular TV shows and anime.

Here are 7 best-selling Beyblade Stadiums in Malaysia today. (2023 Update)

1. Large Blue Beyblade Arena Stadium

Put your skills to test by using this large Beyblade stadium. This spacious arena offers many possibilities for gameplay and challenges. As soon as you unpack the package you can begin an epic battle with your friends and family!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: (L) 55cm x (W) 55cm x (H) 10.4cm

2. Transparent Beyblade Burst Stadium (B-09 Arena)

This could probably be the most exciting stadium you can get. The design looks somewhat minimalist, but the protection dome can keep the Beyblades from flying all over when they burst! Ready to have some fun?

3. Small Blue Beyblade Stadium

Thanks to its circular basin-like shape, this little battle arena ensures near-constant contact and fast-spinning action! The wide open area at the top makes launching a breeze.

4. B-09 Standard Stadium (Black)

Featuring a minimalist look and a sleek design, this battle arena is very simple to assemble. All you need to do is to connect the transparent dome to the black-coloured base. Then, launch the spinner of your choice!

5. Yellow 35cm Stadium Arena

This 35cm yellow-coloured arena is one of the best Beyblade stadiums you can add into your collections. Now you can unleash epic battles with an extended surface area!

6. StormGyro Beyblade Burst Stadium

At a glance it looks almost like the one mentioned above. Only difference is the shape which is octagonal and it’s big enough for three or four to play at once!

7. Beyblade Mobile Stadium

Now with this you can have a battle with your friend anywhere you want! It’s a bit on the smaller side but still, can’t beat the mobility feature!

If you are new to the world of Beyblade, you will understand that the most significant component of this game is Beyblade Burst Stadium—also called the Beystadium. Beyblades, also known as spinning tops and the launcher, are some of the other essential parts of this game.

Beystadium is the place of action where the match takes place, and also where players launch their Beyblades. Beystadiums are like big bowl and made of solid plastic.

Even the Beyblade burst stadium has different sizes and shapes. Some of these are expensive, while some are affordable for the players. However, price is not the only deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a Beystadium. The functionality and features should also be assessed before making a purchase. 

Best Beyblade Burst Stadium and its Features

Size of the Arena

To decide the size of the Beyblade Stadium, just make sure it is not too big or small. The average size of arena should be somewhere between 15 to 18 inches in diameter. However, if more than two players are playing, then go for a bigger size.

At times, when two persons are playing, they will find it hard to play in smaller arenas. It is not just tricky, but also seems awkward to launch a Beyblade in a small arena.


The standard shape of arena is round. However, new designs are coming and there are multi-sided arenas as well. The design should be in such a way that beys gravitate towards the center of the arena.


Beyblade Burst stadium must have walls as they help to keep the tops from going out of the battle area. Higher walls are definitely preferred as some of the beys can bounce while spinning.

Walls have different features too. For example, some have gaps and spikes so that the opponent can be knocked off. Some walls have tiny holes where spinning tops tend to clash during the match.

In such cases, players must control their beys to avoid clashes as they may lead to losing the game.


Beystadiums are made up of plastic. And the quality of the plastic can make a huge difference. Good quality plastic tends to last long and the surface of the arena must remain even. If the surface of the arena is not even, the Beys can hit a bump and spin out of the arena.

Beyblade Types

You can choose from 4 different types of Beyblades. Let’s look at each one of them:

Attack Beyblade

Attack Beyblade is also known as ‘the striker'. It comes with a flat tip so that it can have firm contact with the surface of the arena. Attack Beyblade is quicker and portable as compared to others. Also, it has excellent speed, which makes it create a huge impact when it comes to contact with other Beyblades.

Defence Beyblade

Another name for it is the ‘defender'. This one has a heavy and strong build. The Beyblade is made heavy so that whenever it clashes with other Beyblades, the impact will not be too big. It is difficult to grip due to the round shape and smooth energy layer.

Stamina Beyblade

Also known as ‘endurance Beyblade'. It comes with a thinner tip, so the fraction created is limited between arena and the blade. This one spins for a longer time compared to the others.

Balance Beyblade

Balance Beyblade is also called ‘combination'. This is the most important type because it is a balance between the three other types. It has all the combined features, which means this Beyblade can either be very strong or very weak compared to the other three Beyblades.

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